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"Death Records extracted from Federal and State Census Record Mortality Schedules"

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Blue Earth County Minnesota Mortality Schedules, 1860

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Name of inhabitants of Blue Earth County Minnesota who died between June 1859 and year ending the 1st of. June 1860, as listed in the 1860 Minnesota federal census records.

NameAgeSexBirth Place
Anderson, Levian45FNF
Bernard, Mary72FMA
Classen, Hellena23FPR
Colson, Ella14FOH
Cook, Lavina52FNY
Edwards, Edward45MWA
Furnald, Joel46MME
Gertrude, Hawley13FNY
Krotthoff, Antonia46FPR
Mc Given, Catherine26FIR
Puas, Levantia15FPA
Retchie, Joseph28MCA
Shuman, Maria25FEN
Strocker, Mary19FGR
Talbot, Harriet30FOH
Williams, Alice25FWL
Yarks, Nancy40FNH