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Marion County Arkansas Mortality Schedules, 1860

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Name of inhabitants of Marion County Arkansas who died between June 1859 and year ending the 1st of. June 1860, as listed in the 1860 Arkansas federal census records.

NameAgeGenderBirth PlaceMonth DiedCause
Alrid, Nathan18MARFeb.Fever
Asheram, W. M.2MARAug.Fever
Ball, J. S.40FTNJuly-
Bailey, Infant11mMARJan.-
Bozier, Ally94FTNOct.Cancer
Caid, J. H.10MARJan.Fever
Caid, Thomas J.14MARJan.Fever
Campbell, F. M.1MARSept.Fitts
Cooper, J. M.11mMAROct.Fever
Craven, Elizabeth20FARAug.Fever
Deshulds, L. C.7FARFeb.Typhoid Fever
Elkins, F.27MTNApr.Fitts
Evans, William N.1MARApr.Whooping Cough
Gillaspie, Sarah3FARSept.Fever
Gray, Sallie30FTNJulyCongestion Chill
Gray, William7MARAug.Congestion Chill
Hart, Sarah E.1FAROct.Congestion Chill
Hern, C.1FARFeb.-
Hickinson, James10MAROct.Fever
Johnson, S.50MTNApr.Drowned
King, Thomas75MSCJulyFever
Lawson, M. M. F.2FAROct.Fever
Linckin, C.55MARMar.Erysiplas
Minicks, Sarah70FTNMar.Irasypalus
Morland, Alexander50MARJan.Fever
Osborn, A.26FTNAug.Congestion Chill
Pearson, Haley7FARApr.Pleurisia
Pearson, Orleans11FARApr.Pleurisia
Pearson, Sarah J.15FARApr.Pleurisy
Scattergood, Wiley2MMSMayPneumonia
Sumner, E.53MARMar.Fever
Templeton, James M.52MSCFeb.Fever
Templeton, Thursda51FSCJulyFever
Turnstall, James M.39MMSMar.Drowned
Wallace, G. W.45MALMayDrowned
Webster, Ansham64MSCDec.-
Williams, Dixon C.30MTNMayConsumption
Wormick, J.35MARFeb.Typhoid Fever
Yoakham, Polly29FARAug.Congestion Chill