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Montgomery County Arkansas Mortality Schedules, 1850

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Name of inhabitants of Montgomery County Arkansas who died between June 1849 and year ending the 1st of. June 1850, as listed in the 1850 Arkansas federal census records.

NameAgeGenderBirth PlaceMonth DiedCause
Baggs, Mary Ann1FARMayEryasephelu
Bates, Jeff5mMMSJulyCongestive
Bybee, Harriet1FARSept.-
Campbell, Naomi9FARJulyDropsy
Dees, Louisa F.1FALNov.Worms
Farrell, Mary34FARFeverChildbirth
Farrell, Mench13MAROct.Accident
Gilham, Rosa Ann49FSCJan.Consumption
Mc Coy, Martha E.17FTNMar.Dropsy
Mc Farland, Julia A. E.18FILMayBreast Comp
Pointer, Caroline30FARJan.Miscarriage
Pointer, Caroline6dFARJan.-
Pointer, George54M-Mar.Shot
Royall, Jesse35FTNJuneLiver Compl
Royall, Nancy34FILAug.Congestion
Rynes, William42MTNMar.Pneumonia
Saliers, Mary56FMONov.-
Tweedle, Catherine28FARSept.-
Tweedle, Nancy M. E.2FARJulyFever
Tyrus, William9dMARFeb.Bold Hives
Whittington, Ada Elizabeth12FARDec.Congestion Brain