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Ouachita County Arkansas Mortality Schedules, 1850

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Name of inhabitants of Ouachita County Arkansas who died between June 1849 and year ending the 1st of. June 1850, as listed in the 1850 Arkansas federal census records.

NameAgeGenderBirth PlaceMonth DiedCause
Atkins, Mary65FSCOct.Inflamation Lungs
Atkins, Raines1mMARMar.Croup
Atkins, Robert P.5MARJulyBrain Inflamation
Avant, Martha F.3mFAROct.-
Bayliss, Martha A.21FTNAug.Bronchitis
Bissell, Curtis43MSCApr.Cholera
Bufford, Louisa15FALMar.Consumption
Campbell, C. S.3mFARJulyInflamation Bowels
Davis, Benjamin-JULKmjGadiarea
Dews, Rebecca V.2FARJuly-
Donald, Caroline35FALApr.Pneumonia
Dunn, E. S.2FARMayWorms
Dunn, Martha55FGASept.Pneumonia
Falkner, Louisa30FALSept.Consumption
Garrison, John A.2MARJulyWorms
Greening, Lucious J.2MMSJune-
Griggs, R. S.57MNCSept.Typhoid
Halsell, Peter P.22MVAAug.Billious Fever
Hardin, Hogan1MARAug.-
Hardin, John C.28MTNJulyCongestion Fever
Harrison, Sarah C.21FALAug.Consumption
Hickman, James2MARNay-
Hicks, John5MARAug.Congestion Chill
Howell, James A.1mMAROct.-
Jefferys, William18MALSept.Pneumonia
Jennings, William W.13MALApr.Shot
Johnson, D.8FALJuneLiver Disentry
Langley, Zachariah T.2MARJulyCongestion Fever
Lee, Melvinia P.21FOHJune-
Livingston, David1MAROct.Congestion Fever
Man, Elizabeth40FVAMayConsumption
Mc Cay, Mary E.2mFARMayPneumonia
Mc Cay, Neil3MGAJuly-
Mc Grigger, Willis35MTNMar.Consumption
Medley, William25MVAFeb.Pneumonia
Messer, Robert65MNCMar.Asthma
Patton, R. E.2MARJuneCroup
Perry, William19MALFeb.-
Picket, James66MGAJulyNuralgy
Piles, James B.11MARJulyFever
Purifoy, Albert F.9mMARFeb.Frac Scull
Scott, Robert G.6MARAug.-
Sexton, William J.29MNCJulyConsumption
Smith, Henry H.6MARMar.-
Southerland, Eliza36FNCApr.Bronchitis
Southerland, Stephen5MARApr.Burnt
Spears, Henry14MTNMayTyphoid
Spears, Henry6mMARDec.-
Stringfellow, Robert R.50MTNMar.Pneumonia
Strong, Sarah E.40FSCApr.Childbed Fever
Vaughn, Nathaniel4mMARSept.-
Wall, Henry H.58MNCOct.Congestion Brain
Webb, Lucy3FTNDec.-
Worms, Francis30FLAMar.Cholera