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Perry County Arkansas Mortality Schedules, 1860

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Name of inhabitants of Perry County Arkansas who died between June 1859 and year ending the 1st of. June 1860, as listed in the 1860 Arkansas federal census records.

NameAgeGenderBirth PlaceMonth DiedCause
Alba, Peter66MVTMar.Palsy
Armstrong, Margaret3mFILSept.Croup
Beson, William J.2ITGMocCongestion Brain
Bethell, Samuel1MARSept.Pneumonia
Burge, Rachel13FINMayCongestion Brain
Cox, George R.9mMILJulyDysentery
Dunn, Abijah21MMSOct.Erysipelas
Dunn, Hannah1FARJulyWorms
Edlin, John50MKYDec.Inflamation Brain
Emmons, Sarah22FTNOct.Cold
Gadd, Martin9mMARDec.Inflamation Brain
Gadd, Mary26FNCSept.Inflamation Stomach
Griffin, Joseph30MNCJulyInflamation Stomach
Hadlock, Nancy A.40FNCMar.Breast Comp
Hill, William37MVAAug.Congestion
Houston, Ann36FKYJulySpleen
Houston, Ellen1mFARJuneHives
Houston, Margaret96FNCNov.Old Age
Howell, Charles50MKYJan.Dropsy
Ladd, Angelina32FIRMar.Heart
Mainus, John W.2MARApr.Congestion
Marcum, Thomas10MALJan.Colic
Mc Millen, Christopher21MARFeb.Congestion
Mitchell, Margaret14FARJan.Typhoid Fever
Noonar, Mary A.18FMSJulyTyphoid Fever
Posey, Henry28MALApr.Congestion Brain
Pruit, Sarah A.26FTNJan.Childbirth
Ragstill, Isabella8FARJuneWorms
Rankins, Elizabeth5FARSept.Scarlet Fever
Sharpe, Margaret60FTNJan.Winter Fever
Smith, J. G.55MKYApr.Killed
Taylor, Joseph33MSCSept.Flux
Taylor, William28MSCMar.Congestion Brain
Vint, Elizabeth18FARMayChildbed Fever
Whitman, Franklin6MARJulyCongestion Brain
Wilkerson, John33MPAApr.Pneumonia
Worthan, Nancy C.28FTNMar.Inflamation Brain
Young, John O.19MARFeb.Typhoid Fever
Young, Louisa26FSCNov.Typhoid Fever