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Pike County Arkansas Mortality Schedules, 1860

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Name of inhabitants of Pike County Arkansas who died between June 1859 and year ending the 1st of. June 1860, as listed in the 1860 Arkansas federal census records.

NameAgeGenderBirth PlaceMonth DiedCause
Berry, Alford11MMSDec.Congestion Brain
Berry, W. A.49MKYDec.Congestion Brain
Blocker, Sarah74FSCJuneOld Age
Brewer, W. T.4mFARFeb.Complication
Burns, Seaborn1MARSept.-
Cain, A. R.9MMSMar.Typhoid Fever
Cain, W. K.20MNCMar.Typhoid Fever
Campbell, James19MKYAug.Typhoid Fever
Campbell, T. C.7MARJuly-
Chapell, H. G.1MARFeb.Scarlet Fever
Clark, Lucinda1mFARFeb.-
Cook, H. E.4FARSept.Verminous F.
Davis, F. T.6MAROct.Typhoid Fever
Dickson, Sarah64FKYMar.Pneumonia
Dickson, W. T.60MKYJulyPneumonia
Draper, Coleman65MSCFeb.Inflamation Bowels
Duncan, Nancy32FTNSept.Pneumonia
Ellison, B. F.9mMARAug.Scarlet Fever
Elzy, N. E.5FARNov.Flux
Evans, C. A.28FARJuneChildbed Fever
Gafford, M. C.5FMSAug.-
Garner, I. T.4MARJulyTyphoid Fever
Gilham, Ezekiel4MARAug.Scarlet Fever
Gilham, Nancy12FARAug.Scarlet Fever
Green, L. E.15MARDec.Congestion Brain
Halcom, Infant4mFAROct.Croup
Hall, M. A.1mFARNov.-
Harden, Alen6MARFeb.Scarlet Fever
Harden, Lewis9MARFeb.Scarlet Fever
Hawkins, N. A.1FARMar.-
Henderson, Mrs.74FVADec.Heart Disentry
Hensen, F. E.5MARFeb.Scalded
Hensen, P. W.11mMAROct.-
Hensley, Sarah49FTNMar.Quinzy
Huddleston, Daniel38MTNMar.Pneumonia
Huddleston, M. A.7FARNov.Scarlet Fever
Hutchings, Rose22FARSept.Typhoid Fever
Hutson, Arinda22FTNAug.Typhoid Fever
Hutson, I. A.74MNCApr.Pneumonia
Johnston, Micajah47MVAAug.Consumption
Johnston, P. D.39MVAMar.Typhoid Fever
Kimbro, J. A.3FTNJuly-
Leard, F. P.4MALSept.Scarlet Fever
Linville, B. M.31MTNNov.Scarlet Fever
Marshall, M. A.8FMSAug.Congestion
Mc Danald, M. H.29FTNNov.Scarlet Fever
Mc Danald, W. A.9MARMayScarlet Fever
Melson, W. G.35MARMar.Drowned
Olliver, Margaret18FARFeb.Scarlet Fever
Olliver, Martha16FARFeb.Scarlet Fever
Orrick, A. B.41MALFeb.Typhoid Fever
Osborn, Margaret17FARMar.Childbirth
Parks, A. T.25FTNJune-
Preston, David1mMRCOvaRoup
Sevier, L. A. E.8FARAug.Typhoid Fever
Simpson, Nancy74FINJan.Typhoid Fever
Smith, G. W.46MTNAug.-
Stelle, Emily37FARSept.Inflamation Stomach
Stringer, Abijah22MARMar.Inflamation Brain
Sulivan, Algelina22FMSFeb.Pneumonia
Watson, S. E.1FARJuneInflamation Brain
Webb, Martha2mFAROct.Hives
Westerman, G. P.7mMARNov.-
Whisenhunt, L. E.22FGAMar.Congestion Chill
White, Marion17MARJan.Pneumonia
White, Martha74FVADec.Old Age
White, Mary57FKYMar.Typhoid Fever
Wilson, W. A.11MGAApr.-
Wisner, M. J.6mFARMar.Hives
Wolston, T. J.13MGAJan.Tree Killed