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Pike County Arkansas Mortality Schedules, 1870

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Name of inhabitants of Pike County Arkansas who died between June 1869 and year ending the 1st of. June 1870, as listed in the 1870 Arkansas federal census records.

NameAgeGenderBirth PlaceMonth DiedCause
Allen, Mary14FALFeb.Pneumonia
Brock, Nancy E.1FARAug.Inflamation Bowel
Brown, William1mMARJulyWhooping Cough
Buckley, John M.8mMARSept.Fever
Davis, George W.16MALAug.Horse Threw
Dillard, William36MNCNov.Pneumonia
Duncan, Zachariah A.16MMSApr.Heart Disentry
Garner, John25MAROct.Pneumonia
Hall, William11MARAug.Inflamation Brain
Hancock, John D.42MTNDec.Hemorage
Huddleston, Harret59FTNJan.Pneumonia
Hunt, William D.2MARJulyBrain Disentry
James, Nancy A.33FGAJuneInflamation Brain
Kemp, Jester10mMARDec.Whooping Cough
Kirkham, James H.79MVTMay-
Musgrove, Rosanah J.57FTNAug.Diarrhea
Nash, Michael C.47MNCDec.Hemorage
O Danel, Tracy33FARJan.Consumption
Orrick, James B.2mMARApr.Croup
Park, James1MARJuly-
Polk, Eugenia3FARNov.Inflamation Brain
Ridge, Amos36MALSept.Pneumonia
Ridge, Annie94FTNMar.Dropsy
Ross, Mc Cary36MALMayConsumption
Salman, Margaret10FARAug.Bowel Disentry
Walker, Augustus J.40MALAug.Pneumonia
Waterson, John37MENMar.Pneumonia
Westerman, Delana J.30FARJulyConsumption
Witt, George W.2mMARMar.Hives
Wood, Robert K.19MAROct.Inflamation Brain