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Chase County Kansas Mortality Schedules, 1870

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Name of inhabitants of Chase County Kansas who died between June 1869 and year ending the 1st of June 1870, as listed in the 1870 Kansas federal census records.

NameAgeSexBirth PlaceMonth DiedCauseOccupation
Barber, Hugh M.75MENJulyApoplexyFarmer
Bennett, Clara1FKSFeb.Pneumonia-
Crocker, Harriett30FPAJan.Congestion LungsHousewife
Davis, Thomas-MOHApr.--
Frank, Arabella15FMDFeb.Congestion Lung-
Hunt, Oscar1MKSNov.Lung Disentry-
Jones, Joseph M.20MTNNov.ConsumptionFarmer
Laman, -7mMKSOct.Congestion Lungs-
Leonard, Charles21MILJan.Shot AccidentalFarmer
Manly, Laura6FIASept.Spin Affliction-
Manly, Sabina58FMAApr.Consumption-
Mc Williams, Ermma22FPAJan.PneumoniaHousewife
Moore, Morris36MNCApr.RheumatismFarmer
Nowlan, Limon84MIROct.PneumoniaFarmer
Osmer, Charles J.1MKSFeb.Pneumonia-
Payne, Rachel7mFKSJan.Erysipelas-
Perkins, Thomas H. A.1MKSDec.Whooping Cough-
Randal, Lewis50MOHNov.RheumatismFarmer
Reeve, Henry44MENFeb.PneumoniaFarmer
Rider, Preston6MKSSept.Congestion Brain-
Roniph, Elisa63FOHApr.Pneumonia-
Roper, --FKSJan.Asphixia-
Spurgeon, Mary48FNCJan.Congestion Chills-
Tomas, George---NgShot-
Wagoner, Mary C.1FKSFeb.Whooping Cough-
Warrington, Millie49FMOOct.Congestion Brain-