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"Death Records extracted from Federal and State Census Record Mortality Schedules"

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Davis County Kansas Mortality Schedules, 1860

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Name of inhabitants of Davis County Kansas who died between June 1859 and year ending the 1st of. June 1860, as listed in the 1860 Kansas federal census records.

NameAgeBirth PlaceMonth DiedCauseOccupation
Buckley, J.5ILSept.Cold Chill-
Buhbon, J.5mKSJulyFever-
Buhbon, James33CDSept.CholeraLawyer, Attorney
Coler, E.1OHOct.Teething-
Coney, E.20NGSept.Typhoid FeverServant
Cummins, J.10OHNov.Brain Fever-
Dina, -3mKSSept.Chill Fever-
Doryland, J.40ENAug.ErysipelasLawyer, Attorney
Godwin, A.9OHNov.Bilious Fever-
Harbergon, J.27NJSept.FitsLawyer, Attorney
Hosch, C.45GRNov.Typhoid Fever-
Howe, P.22IRJulyConsumptionLaborer
Keyser, B. H.28MDNov.Del TremsLawyer, Attorney
Robison, William33NGNov.PleurisySoldier, Army Personnel
White, N.1OHSept.Whoopcough-