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Kemper County Mississippi Mortality Schedules, 1860

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Name of inhabitants of Kemper County Mississippi who died between June 1849 and year ending the 1st of. June 1860, as listed in the 1860 federal census records.

NameSexAgeBirth PlaceMonthCause of DeathOccupation
ADAMS, Thomas W.35MNCMayDiarrheaFarmer
ANDERSON, Slave of H.18MMSJan.TyphoidSlave
ANDERSON, Slave of H.28MMSApr.TyphoidSlave
BECK, William N.55MNCJan.UnknownFarmer
CAMPBELL, Mary63FSCJulyDiarrhea-
CAMPBELL, William Negro22FVADec.ConsumptionSlave
DABBS, Ruth H.52FNCDec.Heart Dis-
GILES, Slave of S. H.1FMSMayWormsSlave
GILES, Slave of S. H.1MMSMayWormsSlave
GULLY, Slave of G. W.1FMSJan.CroupSlave
GULLY, Slave of J. W.35FNCJan.TyphoidSlave
GULLY, Slave of P. H.14FMSFeb.PneumoniaSlave
GULLY, Slave of P. H.42MALMayPneumoniaSlave
HALL, Slave of H.28FMSJan.DropsySlave
HALL, Slave of John15FMSOct.DropsySlave
HAMPTON, William T.40MGADec.Unknown-
HOUSTON, Nancy56FNCOct.Typhoid-
HOUSTON, Slave of E.12FMSSept.AccidentSlave
HOUSTON, Slave of E.26MALOct.TyphoidSlave
HULL, Slave of J. W.7FMSJan.CroupSlave
HUNNICUTT, Fanie20FALNov.Typhoid-
JORDEN, J. T. Negro20MMSNov.TyphoidSlave
LOVE, Slave of R. S.18MGAJan.Brain FeverSlave
Mc CALEB, L. A.29MNCJan.Diabetes-
Mc CRAW, Elizabeth55FGADec.Unknown-
Mc CROW, Slave of R.8FMSOct.PneumoniaSlave
Mc DANIEL, James65MSCMayPneumoniaFarmer
Mc WELLIAMS, Daniel1MMSDec.Typhoid-
NEELY, Nancy45FALNov.Typhoid-
NEGRO, Adult18MMSDec.TyphoidSlave
OVERSTREET, John60MNCSept.TyphoidFarmer
PAGE, Slave of Thomas23MNCJan.PneumoniaSlave
PARKER, Emily35FALAug.Typhoid-
PARKER, Henry14MALSept.Typhoid-
ROBINSON, Flave of H. C.7FMSJan.Brain EdmaSlave
ROBINSON, J. H.11MNGMayBrain Fever-
ROWE, Slave of L. A.18MMSJan.PneumoniaSlave
RUSH, Slave of W. C.1FMSDec.ScrofulaSlave
RUSH, Slave of W. C.1FMSNov.ScrofulaSlave
RUSH, Slave of W. C.2MMSNov.ScrofulaSlave
RUSH, Slave of W. C.60FGANov.ScrofulaSlave
SANDERS, Slave of W.1MMSJan.PneumoniaSlave
SANDERS, W. B.18MMSJan.PneumoniaStudent
SCOTT, Slave of P. J.6MMSMayUnknownSlave
SINCLAIR, Ann55FNCMar.Dropsy-
STEVENSON, W. H. Negro50MGADec.TyphoidSlave
TALBOTT, MatthewNGMTNJan.ParalysisPhysician, Doctor, Surgeon