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Fentress County Tennessee Mortality Schedules, 1850

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Name of inhabitants of Fentress County Tennessee who died between June 1849 and year ending the 1st of. June 1850, as listed in the 1850 Tennessee federal census records.

NameAgeSexBirth PlaceMonthCause of Death
Alred, Rebeca34FTNApr.Palsy
Baly, Anna22FTNMar.Cold
Brooks, Moses7MTNJan.Dropsy
Campbell, Sally - Slave21FKYMayChronic
Choat, Betsy17FTNAug.Bils Fever
Cooper, Thomas86MPAJuneRheumatism
Davison, Margaret28FTNMayDropsy
Gorney, Jane25FTNMar.Cold
Gorney, Larca23FTNMar.Dropsy
Gorney, Polk3MTNApr.Unknown
Grooms, Larca2FKYJan.Worms
Negro, Jerry - Slave8MTNOct.Fever
Kinhton, Elener`83FVAJan.Old Age
Moody, Becca - Slave45FTNJan.Fever
Morris, Rose7mFTNOct.Cholera
Murphy, Green3MTNAug.Brain Inflamation
Norris, Margaret8FTNMar.Scarlet Fever
Norris, Mary1mFTNApr.Scarlet Fever
Pasy, Wing4mFTNJan.Hives
Payn, Penelope9mFTNJuneWorms
Piles, Coonrod84MNCOct.Old Age
Price, D.38MTNJulyFever
Ragan, Anna45FKYSept.Cancer
Randolph, Josephine1FOHJulyRedling
Smith, George3MTNMar.Worms
Stewart, John4mMTNAug.Hives
Sutton, Daniel9MTNJulyDropsy
Sutton, Eliza7FTNJulyDropsy
Sutton, James13MTNJuneDropsy
Sutton, Polly5FTNAug.Dropsy
Wineham, John1mMTNApr.Unknown
Wright, Shaw10MTNAug.Fever
Young, Parker1mMTNJuneWhooping Cough