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Lauderdale County Tennessee Mortality Schedules, 1860

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Name of inhabitants of Lauderdale County Tennessee who died between June 1849 and year ending the 1st of. June 1860, as listed in the 1860 Tennessee federal census records.

NameAgeSexBirth PlaceMonthCause of DeathOccupation
Acuff, Emily T.17FTNApr.--
Anthony, Mary3mFTNFeb.Bronchitis-
Barnes, John60MNCSept.DropsyFarmer
Braden, Angeline22FTNOct.Childbirth-
Brady, Nancy43FTNFeb.Bronchitis-
Carnall, John J.3mMTNOct.--
Deavenport, Martha J.1FTNMar.--
Harris, Mary E.4FTNSept.Billious Fever-
Haskins, Gideon65M-Nov.Billious Fever-
Henning, George B. G.9MTNSept.Typhoid Fever-
Henning, Sarah A.2FTNOct.Typhoid Fever-
Henry, Frances A.25MGAOct.Typhoid FeverFarmer
Howard, Stephen54MNCMay-Farmer
Langly, John3MTNSept.Billious Fever-
Massey, Mary Jane2FTNDec.--
Mathis, Walker6MTN-Croup-
Matthew, George11MTNJulyFits-
Mc Farlin, Charles J.3mMTNMar.--
Polk, Child3FTNAug.Congestive Chills-
Price, Elizabeth13FTNDec.Congestion-
Reynolds, Elizabeth17FTNJulyCongestive Chills-
Russell, John50MKYOct.ColdFarmer
Seet, Julia H.3FIDSept.Worms-
Strain, William74MSCSept.CarbuncleFarmer
Tatum, George W.36MNCMar.IntemperateFarmer
Turner, Harriet A.$FTNJulyWorms-
Turner, John W.2MTNAug.Worms-
Walpole, Infant1mFTNApr.--
Walpole, Lydia31FTNMar.--
Walton, Sarah21FTNOct.--
Willard, Henry W.25MPANov.PneumoniaFarmer
Williams, Margaret37FNCApr.--