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Perry County Tennessee Mortality Schedules, 1860

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Name of inhabitants of Perry County Tennessee who died between June 1859 and year ending the 1st of. June 1860, as listed in the 1860 Tennessee federal census records.

NameAgeSexBirth PlaceMonthCause of Death
Anderson, W. H.1MTNApr.-
Bates, Mary E.3FTNSept.Croup
Bates, William3mMTNMayCroup
Britt, Robert6mMTNMar.Pneumonia
Bunch, Nancy C.2FTNAug.Croup
Bunch, Nancy E.5FTNSept.Croup
Butler, Jefferson24MTNJulyTyphoid
Catton, Mary Ann1mFTNSept.Croup
Crag, Malinda E.7FTNMar.Scar Fever
Cragg, Martha18FTNApr.-
Daniel, Maryan E.2FTNJulyScar Fever
Davidson, James B.2MARFeb.Croup
Depreast, Drury B.5MTNMar.Scar Fever
Dickson, David G.1MTNOct.Croup
Dickson, Sarah15FTNMayConsumption
Dickson, Sarah E.48FTNApr.Dropsy
Fowlkes, Unity C.27FTNApr.Bronchitis
Greer, Edwin1MTNAug.Stvitusdan
Haynes, Mary E.1FTNOct.Croup
Howard, Elizabeth74FNCMar.Old Age
Johnson, -9mFTNJulyCroup
Larkin, Rebecca Ann17FTNJulyCroup
Laxon, Eliza6FTNOct.-
Linch, John11mMTNMar.Croup
Nix, William10MTNOct.Scar Fever
Patterson, Josephine3FTNSept.Pneumonia
Peach, Lucy36FTNJulyFlux
Pegrim, Frances9FTNApr.Scar Fever
Pettigrew, G. B.52MIROct.Fever
Ray, Thomas W.11mMTNJuneFlux
Roberts, Permelia4FTNJulyCroup
Singleton, Thomas14MTNOct.Dropsy
Smith, Emaly A.11mFTNMar.Influenza
Tanner, Celia50FTNApr.Cancer
Tenison, Lovitha20FTNJuneBrain
Wilborn, James41MTNAug.Intemperant
Yarbro, Sarah24FTNJuneConsumption
Young, Samuel G.4MTNDec.Typhoid