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Bath County Virginia Mortality Schedules, 1850

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Name of inhabitants of Bath County Virginia who died between June 1849 and year ending the 1st of. June 1850, as listed in the 1850 Virginia federal census records.

NameAgeSexBirth PlaceMonthCause of DeathOccupation
Armautrout, Errissa S.2FVAMayThroat Inflamation-
Bonner, Hannah80FVAApr.Old age-
Cuger, Mary38FVAApr.Consumption-
Gillespie, William2MVAJulyDiarrhea-
Griffith, David3mMVAMar.--
Harrington, Troves7mMVAMayBrain Inflamation-
Jones, Hannah60FVAApr.Debility-
Marshal, George26MVANov.ConsumptionFarmer
McElwee, Elizabeth18FVAMar.ConsumptionFarmer
Ray, John40MVAJulyDropsyFarmer
Shields, Sarah B.44FVAMar.Apoplexy-
Shrieve, Martha23FVAJuneFits-
Shrieves, JohnInfantMVAApr.Croup-
Sprouse, Judith73FVAMar.White Swell-
Sprouse, Nancy44FVASept.Diarrhea-
Summons, Henson1MVAOct.--
Surbur, James22MVAAug.QuinseyFarmer
Vest, George1MVAAug.Croup-
Wood, Martha A. P.42FVADec.Heart Disease-
Wright, Mary A.3mFVAFeb.Liver Disease-