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Cedar County Iowa Mortality Schedules, 1850

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Name of inhabitants of Cedar County Iowa who died between June 1849 and year ending the 1st of. June 1850, as listed in the 1850 Iowa federal census records.

NameAgeSexPlace of BirthMonth of DeathOccupationCause
Alexander, Sarah66FPAApr.Consumption-
Allen, Nancy63FNJMayLung Fever-
Baker, David T.1MINOct.Cholera-
Baker, Margaret23FPAJuneConsumption-
Beard, Bertha34FKYApr.--
Bowersock, Benjamin C.6mMIAMayInfwindpipe-
Bradley, Caroline27FOHApr.Lung Fever-
Brown, Margaret L.1FIASept.Inflamation Brain-
Butler, Clara V.3FOHApr.Scarlet Fever-
Butter, Eugene7MOHApr.Scarlet Fever-
Carl, Sarah45FPAApr.Bencanker-
Churchill, Mary A.15FMAOct.Consumption-
Coleman, James79MNJSept.Inflamation BowelFarmer
Cox, Mary E.24FINMaySmallpox-
Cox, Moses54MKYMaySmallpoxLawyer
Dodge, Cornelia L.3FIAMayInflamation Brain-
Duke, John75MVANov.RheumatismFarmer
Evans, Elizabeth A.30FNCJuneInflamation Lungs-
Fullerton, Peter F.28MSLDec.AccidentFarmer
Graham, Adam50MSLMar.Inflamation Kidneys-
Gray, Jesse17MOHMayAccidentFarmer
Handley, Hannah J.8mSADEpiDiarrhea-
Healy, Angeline E.3mFIAMaySmallpox-
Humphrey, Betsey47MCTJulyPuerperal-
King, Clarrissa19FOHApr.Curse-
Kyle, William9MOHJulyInflamation Brain-
Lower, Clarella M.8mFPAMayCold-
Mathews, John W.11mMIAFeb.Linkingchill-
Matthews, Elizabeth25FOHMayConsumption-
McCoy, Boon3mMIAApr.Lung Fever-
Mccracken, John Thomas30MINApr.Liver ComptShoemaker
Mcrye, John77MSLMar.Old AgeBlacksmith
Newel, Harriet1FIASept.Cholera Mor-
Parr, Calvin4mMIASept.--
Phillips, Richard J.20MENMayEryispelasStudent
Rigby, Christiana38FOHFeb.Consumption-
Rowe, Abraham L.35MPAJuly-Farmer
Vanderburgh, Charlotte20FOHMayConsumption-
Whisler, Joseph42MPAJulyCholeraCarpenter, Joiner
Wright, Joseph H.9mMIAJulyWhooping Cough-
Wright, Parson48MVAJuneConsumptionFarmer